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This website is designed to keep an updated list of alternative deliveries in Switzerland and surroundings. By alternative it means small companies, independents and local producers, basically the businesses that might suffer with this chaos. Everyone is looking for alternatives since the outbreak of the Covid-19 and it is never late to create better habits on how we live & consume.

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Organic Options


All Switzerland

Ugly Fruits

Organic Fruits & Vegetables with free delivery through Switzerland.


Organic baby food.

UPDATE 27.04.2020 - Save 30% with Code HOME30

Hello Fresh

Deliver of ingredients with recipes to be executed

Tendance Fruit

Box of fruits, vegetables, smoothies, jam and fresh juices.

Fresh Fruits

Box of fruits, vegetables, smoothies and breakfast


Restaurants and groceries delivery in many cities in Switzerland, they also have a phone app.


An épicerie that has many different products for delivery. From flours, spices, salts, olive oils, vinegars, juices, milk, waters, meat, fish, cheese, fruits & vegetables, soups, pasta, rice, cereals, chocolate, sweets, biscuits. Also cosmetics and hygiene products and pets accessories and over the counter pet medicine. Delivery in all Switzerland.

Maison Kassatay

Fine Moroccan pastries, all home made with almonds. Deliver all over Switzerland.


Delivery in all Swiss Romande of products ‘in vrac’ without packaging waste. Pasta, cereals, beverages, sugar, nuts, spices, cosmetics, honey, sweets, etc.

Update 29.04.2020 – their services are back and now delivering in all Suisse Romande. First delivery for free with code FIRST

Kooka Coffee

Hand delivery of coffee beans in Lausanne and Morges. Other regions can be posted by post office through all Switzerland.

Soul Wines

Soulwines is an online shop dedicated to Swiss organic, biodynamic and natural wines. Their goal is to promote Swiss wine, local consumption and wines that respect the environnement. All of our partners are certified Swiss Bio, Bio Inspecta, Demeter or are in conversion to obtain one of these labels. They deliver all over Switzerland.

Ma Fondue

Fondue, raclette, yogurts, dried sausages among other products. Delivery in 24h.


Balik is a small manufacture lodged in the Toggenburg Alps, not far from Appenzell, where they produce the famous Fillet Tsar Nikolaj among other high qualitative smoked salmon products. The latest addition is the Balik Medaillon, produced with salmon raised in Switzerland. All our salmon products are entirely handcrafted.

Bar du Nord - whisky & rhum samples and bottles

Bar du Nord is the most famous whisky bar in Geneva, everyone loves them, they have a lot of rare bottles that are impossible to find! Considering the situation, they are sending whisky/rhum samples and bottles (also wine bottles) all over Switzerland. Check the link to see the list and send an email with your order to

Update 05.05.2020 - Payment is by Twint and delivery fee is CHF7 by post office. If you want a quick delivery, it costs CHF9.

Utopia Coffee

Delivery of organic and ethical coffee beans all over Switzerland.

UPDATE 30.03.2020 - Products are shipped within 24h, free delivery in all Switzerland above CHF40.

Cave de la Crausaz

Winery from Fechy, Vaud with very reasonable prices. They also have gift ideas in their website.

UPDATE 29.04.2020 Free delivery in all Switzerland until 31.05.2020

Homemade South African and British sausages

Fresh meat, sausage, wors and dried meat. Delivery all over Switzerland. Inspired in South African meat style. Based in Vaud.

Mr. Vegan

Vegan related products – food, cosmetics, beverages, wellness, household.


Groceries in general from meat, to sandwiches, tobacco, dairy products, hygiene, etc.

Update 21.04.2020 - next day delivery for Zurich and surroundings and postal delivery for the rest of Switzerland

Fat Burning Beast

Low-carb foods, healthy fat, nutrient-rich options including cereals, food suplements, pastas, rice, grains, oils, vinegar, sauces, proteins, snacks, sweets, superfood, teas, drinks, sugar substitutes, etc. Delivery all over Switzerland.


You can make a subscriiption to receive free-range Swiss eggs at home every 2 or 4 weeks with free delivery. They also have honey, beverages, fondue, etc. Delivery in Geneva, Vaud, Neuchatel, Jura, Fribourg, Berne, Soleure, Argovie et Zurich.

My Muesli

Muesli and related products.

Hugo Reitzel

Pickles, sauces, cornichons, oils, cereals, etc. Free delivery all over Switzerland


Health, sustainable, fair trade products. Food, beauty, health, fashion, sport, books, home & living, etc. Including hand sanitizer. Free shipping from CHF60.

Zurrose pharmacy

Pharmacy that only contains Swiss products in many categories related to pharma e.g. vitamins, cosmetics, medicine, etc.

Pharmacy Apotheke

Pharmacy with delivery all over Switzerland. They have cosmetics, vitamins, medicine and hand sanitizers.

Isa’s Kitchen

Gluten free, lactose free sweets, cakes, cookies, etc.


Nutritious high protein pasta, soups, sauces and bars made with Golden Chlorella. Company founded by 3 women in Switzerland and first in the world producing everyday foods based on Golden Chlorella. Good for people wants to reduce their meat intake, vegans, athletes, and anyone wanting a new natural way of getting lots proteins, vitamins, etc. Delivery in Switzerland in 48h. Great for vegans and athletes.

Yoga Solidaire

Yoga video courses online

Les Iberiques

Swiss based company importer of Spanish products.

Update 04.05.2020 - delivery in 24h/48h for orders placed until 15h.

Spanish Taste

Swiss based company importer of Spanish products

Mediterraneo Sarl

Mediterranean products imported by a Swiss company, such as Greek, Italian, South of France.

Brit Shop

Swiss based company importer of British products.

Update 29.04.2020 - Their next food delivery form the UK is due to arrive approx 24th May, they received their April products and quite a few are sold out, but still some remaining stock as of now.

Jim British Market

Swiss based company importer of British products.

My Expat Shop

Swiss based company importer of British products.

Update 31.03.2020 - 3 to 5 working days for the dispatch of order. Free delivery above CHF120.

British Cheese

Swiss based company in Zurich importer of British cheese among many other British products e.g. chutneys, crackers, beers, gin, etc.

Update 27.04.2020 - Delivery throughout Switzerland by A Post is 9.50, delivery in central Zürich (8001,03, 04, 05, 06 &37 only) is 5.00. For orders over 50.00 all deliveries are FREE!

Portugal Mesa

Swiss based company importer of Portuguese products.


Swiss based company importer of Greek products (e.g. olive oil, wine and cosmetics)

Delicate Greek

Swiss based company importer of Greek products (e.g. olive oil, pastries, sauce, spices, olives, honey, cheese, etc)

El Maiz

Swiss based company importer of Mexican products

Fine Selected Food

Swiss based company importer of Italian products (wine, pasta, cheese, coffee, oils, sauces, spicy sauces, etc)

Bianco Latte

Swiss based company importer of Italian high quality products (flour, dry yeast, oil, balsamic, pasta, sauces, preserves, snacks, cheese such as mozzarella, burrata, stracciatella, parmesan, ricotta, etc). Delivery with SwissPost everywhere in Switzerland, pick-up/home-delivery in Kanton Zug.

Update 08.05.2020 - GET 15% OFF on your first order on with the code SWISSDELIVERY at check-out (capital letters)

Farmy - Swiss Local Producers

Huge selection of local Swiss producers of meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy, etc. High quality products. Using this link you get CHF20 off your order.

Update 11.04.2020 - Check your post code but at many places deliver only take place for the next 2-4 weeks.


Various organic products: food, beverages, legalized CBD, cosmetics, gluten-free, animal food, superfood, diapers for children, children's food, wine, etc.


Organic, nutritious, vegan and superfood related products, they also have bio products

CNP Market

Swiss based company importer of Indian products.

Le T - Fine Tea

Varous types of teas and tisanes deivliered, infusions, matcha, black tea, green tea, rooibos, etc. Free delivery in Switzerland above CHF50 order


Various farm with local producers addresses in Switzerland

Gardening in Switzerland - Facebook group

Facebook group with exchanges of seeds and tips of gardening


Seeds and among other gardening products

Zooplus - Products for pets

Several products for pets from food to acessories, including food for special diets

iPet - Products for pets

Several products for dogs and cats from food to acessories, including food for special diets and pharmacy.

Haar Shop - products for the hair

Several products for hair, including professional products. Shampoo, coloring, gels, spray, treatments, beard & shave products, cosmetics, perfums and also nail care products.

Calmilia - homemade soaps

Eco-friendly homemade soaps delivered all over Switzerland

La savonnerie du Verger

100% vegetal artisanal soaps made with high quality oils.

The Beauty Collective

Beauty products that are environmentally friendly with clean ingredients.

Abhati Suisse

Organic skincare and hair care that blends technology with tradition to adapt Ayurvedic beauty rituals. Delivery all over Switzerland.